Blankrupter 4.0

Singles 4.0
The same features of the full desktop version, except that you pay only $49.95 per client!


If you do not already have a copy of Blankrupter 4.0 you must contact Blumberg at 1-800-221-2972 x 565 for a temporary serial number before downloading this item.

    Desktop 4.0

Blankrupter 3.5


NOTE:  All updates are free if you are a registered user of Blankrupter 3.5

(Close Blankrupter prior to installing any updates, reboot your computer after installation)

Desktop 3.5
For current owners of Version 3.5 only.
Current Version 3.5.1
Updated 05/18/05

Singles 3.5
Current Version 3.5.1
Bug Fixes + Exemption Table Update, Updated on 05/18/05


Evaluation Versions:
(Demo allows full program functionality but forms are unable to be printed until the program is registered)

Desktop 3.5
All of the great timesaving features of Blankrupter 3.0 along with an unlimited number of clients for one price!

Singles 3.5
The same features of the full desktop version, except that you pay only $39.95 per client!



Other Files:

Blankrupter 3.5 Manual

You must have Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to view the manual.

Blankrupter 3.0 Desktop

Blankrupter 3.0 Singles

Version 3.0 of Desktop and Singles does not produce valid
Bankruptcy forms.
Used for data conversion purposes only

Blankrupter 2.7
Only to be used to convert files from 2.* to 2.7
Prior to Importing into Blankrupter 3.0

To convert files from a previous version of Blankrupter (prior to 2.7), you must follow the steps below.
Once the files are converted to 2.7 format, Blankrupter 3.0 will automatically reconvert them for use in the current program.

  1. Back up your existing Attorney Folders to a safe area (i.e. create a backup folder under c:\ using Windows Explorer), Copy all existing Attorney Folders into this backup folder.
  2. Create a new Attorney Folder (preferably under the Bankwin folder), Do this from the "Attorney/Client" Screen.
  3. Copy each client to the new Attorney Folder using the copy button on the client side of the screen.  NOTE: Do NOT use the copy button on the Attorney side of the screen.
  4. Use the new Attorney Folder as your working Attorney for Blankrupter 2.7.


Page Last Updated: 05-19-05

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