Certified Mail

Certified Mail 3.0


Evaluation Versions:
(Demo allows full program functionality but forms are unable to be printed until the program is registered)

 Certified Mail Pro 3.0 Demo
All of the great timesaving features of Certified Mail along with batch printing and networking for one price!

Certified Mail 3.0 Standard Demo
The same features of the pro version (minus batch printing) at an economical price!  Perfect for smaller companies that donít have many certified mailings!


(Close Certified Mail 3.0 prior to installing any updates, reboot your computer after installation)

Certified Mail Pro 3.0 Update
Current Version 3.0.1
Updated on 11-29-04

Certified Mail 3.0 Standard Update
Current Version 3.0.1
Updated on 11-29-04


Special Files:

Certified Mail 3.0 Pro Special
 This is s special Certified Mail installation used by a network administrator only. This file is encrypted and requires communication with Nwinds

Page Last Updated: 11-29-04

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