Welcome to the Nwinds product catalog page. We offer a variety of software that represent the very best in workflow automation.

Below is a list of the products we feature.


Blankrupter 3.5
BR 3.5 makes data entry simple and straightforward.  It automates the processing of Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcy forms, while performing the necessary math calculations and generating the required mailing list for either printing or electronic filing (PDF).  We believe that you will find Blankrupter for Windows an easy-to-use, productive tool for processing bankruptcy forms.

Blankrupter 3.5 Desktop - Allows an unlimited number of clients and Printings

Blankrupter 3.5 Singles - All of the same features as the full desktop version, except you only pay $39.95 per client.  Great for the occasional bankruptcy!


Certified Mail
Filling in Certified Mail forms can be a tedious, repetitious task.  Now you can save valuable time and headaches with our new Certified Mail Software. You can prepare an entire Certified mail piece in the same time that it takes you to type a label.

Certified Mail Professional- All the great features of our Certified Mail program along with the ability to do large batch print jobs.  Perfect for companies that do mass mailings

Certified Mail Standard- Easy mail automation for the small business that doesn’t need huge mass certified printings.  More economical for the occasional mailer.


Blazer 2.0/2.1
Blazer allows its users to process and generate Blumberg forms on plain paper with your personal computer and  printer. Blazer replaces the legal form file in your office by storing all of the information in small files on your PC.


PDF Forms Toolkit Component
for Delphi and Visual Basic

Nwinds has created a PDF forms toolkit component to be used with Delphi 4 or 5 or Visual Basic and Adobe Acrobat version 3 or 4. This component allows Delphi or Visual Basic users to interact with the PDF form created.  The component gives the user ability to extract  field data and populate or change field data from their Delphi or Visual Basic program.


New York Net Worth
New software that prepares the statement of Net Worth (DRL 236) on plain paper with all client data-with any Windows supported printer.

Net Worth Desktop - Unlimited number of clients and printings for one low price!

Net Worth Singles - All of the great features of the desktop version, you just pay $19.95 per filing! Great value for the occasional statement!
This program will walk you through each step of the divorce process, explaining in layman terms each step on your way to completing a New York Uncontested Divorce.


Blumberg Forms Online
Blumberg Forms Online enables you to fill in and print many legal forms on plain paper while allowing you to work on drafts, finalize documents and even e-mails copies to others for only $7.50 a form!


For more information or to place an order, please contact us either via email at  You may also call us at 724-838-8993 from 8AM to 5PM EST Monday through Friday.



Page Last Updated: 11-10-04

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