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Here at Nwinds we try to provide only the highest caliber software.  Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

If you are having a problem with any of our software, choose it from the list below to view the applicable tech support page.


Blankrupter 3.5

Certified Mail 3.0

Blazer 2.1

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Blankrupter 3.5


What do I do if the bottom of the page is cut off when printing?

      Visit your printer manufacturer’s website and get updated drivers for your specific printer. If this fails, visit our downloads page to get the newest version of Blankrupter 3.5.

How do I get client information that was entered under version 2.7 to appear in 3.0?

      To convert your 2.7 attorney folder, use the attorney client screen to navigate to  your 2.7 attorney ( usually found under the c:\Bankwin) folder.  Double click on the folder and Blankrupter 3.0 will notify you of the conversion that will take place

I am getting strange errors in Blankrupter 3.5, what do I do?

      Most errors are due to programming errors that may have slipped into the program.  Periodically, updates correcting these errors become available for free from our web site.  Just click on the “Updates” button on the left or bottom and select Blankrupter 3.5 Desktop to download the new version. Once the new version is downloaded, be sure that you have Blankrupter closed and run the newly downloaded installation file.  When this is completed, reboot your computer and use your normal shortcut from the Start Menu to run the program. If this still doesn’t solve your problem, Contact Us and we’ll try our best to remedy the situation

On the Voluntary Petition, Nature of Debt (on page 1), I enter a client as "business". Why can't I select choices 16-25 on the Statement of Financial Affairs?

    • First, Go to the Attorney/Client screen.
    • Then locate "Debtor is or has been in business within the past 6 years" (Bottom Right)
    • Finally, be sure that the box to the left of this option has been checked. This is what determines the selectable questions on the Statement of Financial Affairs form.

When I start the program, a message appears telling me that my "evaluation period has expired."

      After 30 days, Blankrupter 3.5 enters demo mode, which allows for all normal functions except printing capability. To eliminate these messages and limitations, register your copy of Blankrupter 3.5. To do this, open up Blankrupter 3.5 and select any client. Then go to Help>Register and choose either “Via Internet” or “Via Phone” to register. To register via phone, call us at 724-838-8993 Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM EST.

When I start the program, a message appears telling me that my copy has already been registered on another computer.

      Blankrupter 3.5 is designed to be registered on only one computer. If you wish to use Blankrupter on additional machines, an additional user license must be purchased from BlumbergExcelsior. You may then call us at 724-838-8993 to register your additional computer(s).

      Please Note: The means by which Blankrupter is registered is dependent upon your computer's hardware configuration. Should you change any hardware or update your software, you may experience this problem.  In the event that this occurs, simply call us, explain what changes have occurred and we will gladly re-register your software.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

I get the error "Invalid Authorization Data" when I try to use any internet product

    • Find and delete all occurrences of skca32.dll found on your computer. (use search or find from your start menu)
    • Download and run this setup file skca32dllSetup It will install a new version of the ska32.dll in you windows\system32 folder

I have input my information for Schedules A, B, and C into the data entry screen, but when I print out the form, the information is not there.

    • Make sure that after you input your first piece of information, you press the plus button on the navigator
    • Secondly, only input one entry for each piece of property the client has. Schedule C is generated automatically by Blankrupter
    • If you have no pieces of property for a given category (i.e. Category 1, Cash on Hand), Blankrupter will automatically mark the "None" column
    • To delete an incorrect entry, click the minus sign on the navigator
    • After inputting your last piece of property, click the Check mark, not the plus. This is the only time you need to click the check mark


How do I move from schedule to schedule(or page to page) under Property (A, B, C) and Creditors/Codebtors (D, E, F, H)?

      Click on View (top left of the menu bar).  Clicking on the various options under View will allow you to move easily from schedule to schedule.

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Certified Mail

What is the difference between Certified Mail Standard and Certified Mail Pro?

      Certified Mail is used for individuals/companies who send a small number of certified mail letters per day. Certified Mail Pro is used for those who send large quantities on a frequent basis.

My Printer only prints the bar code and the receipt.

    • The font file on your computer is corrupted.
    • Download CertFont.exe and execute the file. It is a set up program to repair your font file.
    • Restart your computer.
    • If you are running Windows XP or 2000 you may also need to download the newest print drivers for your printer from the internet, (i.e.,;

My printouts are all messed up.  The print is too big, too small, the wrong font, etc.

    • Check the printer alignment.
    • Check the printer setup, paper size and  paper alignment.
    • If the above steps do not solve the problem follow the below steps.
      • Restart your computer.
      • Reset your printer (consult your printer manual for instructions)

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Blazer 2.0/2.1


My printouts are incorrect.  The print is too big, too small, the wrong font, etc.

    • Check the printer alignment
    • Check the printer setup and paper size
    • If the above steps do not solve the problem follow the below steps
      • Restart your computer
      • Reset your printer (consult your printer manual for instructions)

I need to print one of Blazer's Legal-sized forms but the printout is compressed and only prints on 11 inches of the 14 inch paper.

    • Make sure that you are telling windows that the print out is on 8.5 x 11 inch paper
    • From the form that you are working on click File | Printer Setup
    • Adjust the settings of the printer to reflect your print job
    • If you are using Windows XP or 2000, there is an incompatibility between Adobe Acrobat and Windows. Until there is a fix from either of these we offer this solution
      • If you only use the forms of Legal size on rare occasions
        • Close down Blazer
        • Go to the Control Panel and select “Printers”
        • Select the printer you are using and go to the properties menu
        • Change the printer size to legal and exit
        • NOTE: Be sure this printer is selected as your default printer
        • Restart Blazer and it will default to the new printer driver.
        • When done, return to the Printer Driver and change it back to letter size
      • If you frequently use Legal size forms
        • Create a new printer driver with a different name
        • Before printing a Legal size document, change the default settings to the Legal size print driver

How do I tell how many counts I have left?

      From the main menu, click File | Counter Functions


An error occurs when I try to use form # (given form) for Blazer 2.0

      The files for that form have been corrupted, download a new form package from here

I’m getting other errors in Blazer 2.0/2.1.

      Many of the recent errors we’ve received have stemmed from the installation of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or Adobe Acrobat Reader (any version).  Currently there is no workaround for the problems caused by Acrobat 6.0 other than removing it from the system and using an older version of Acrobat.  In instances that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed, Blazer includes Adobe Exchange so there is no need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Go to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel and remove Acrobat Reader to remedy most problems. If this still doesn’t solve your problem, Contact Us and we’ll try our best to remedy the situation

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NY Net Worth
Blumberg Forms Online
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If you are having any difficulties with any of these programs, Contact Us and we’ll try our best to remedy the situation.




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